The best notebook for programming 2018

Are IT professionals programing the best laptops? Next, I am putting together the best laptop for programming and programming, so I am on the right page. So let’s do our programming.

When looking for a laptop you need to consider specific criteria for the device and its function. For example, the best laptop for programming has the best processor so you can compile and run the code as efficiently as possible. Fortunately, the latest laptop processor has a number of cores and high clock speeds, making it easy to find the best programming laptop.

Also, we need enough RAM – we will not go below 8 GB. If you use complex code, you also need a large disk. If the laptop has an SSD, it will help to speed up programming and coding, and time will be more money, so it is even better.

Unless you program a game that intensively uses graphics, a dedicated graphics card is not mandatory for laptop programming. Modern Intel processors have enough graphics functionality for virtually any programming task.

So without further effort, here is our list of the best laptops for 2018 programming.

1. Toshiba Portage Z30-C-138
In our opinion, Toshiba Portege Z30 – C – 138 is the best notebook for programming, because it has high speed processor, large SSD and 16GB RAM. More than anything, there is an 11 hour battery life, ideal if you are looking for a laptop for programming and encoding. Toshiba is compressing a large number of components such as VGA port, fingerprint reader, 4G / LTE, A-GPS modem, etc. into this device.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad E470
Excellent value for money Distributed graphics card High performance battery options None Displayport connection
Lenovo has adopted an existing form factor and has been refined to provide a new ThinkPad E470 2016-2017. With the 7th generation Intel Core processor, this SKU has a 14 inch FHD anti glare screen with Nvidia Geforce 940 MX 2 GB GPU.

Equipped with Splash-proof keyboard, TrackPoint, 3 + 2 button touchpad, the E470 has enough ports and expansion options to satisfy average users.
The third HP 255 G5
3 years Next business day On-site warranty Very affordable solution Solution Bracket
255 G5 is HP’s entry level professional notebook. If you are looking for a simple and reliable laptop at a high price, it is a solid candidate. RAM is somewhat weak but you can improve it later and you can not deny that it is an excellent laptop for coding. If you need a similar programming notebook with Intel processor instead of AMD you will need to review the HP 250 G5. There are several configurations for the HP 255 G5 and HP 250 G5, so it is worth finding one of the components that is right for your needs.

4. Apple MacBook Pro with touch panel
Best MacBook Pro always provides the best high speed performance.
The Apple MacBook family is an excellent programming laptop, thanks to its excellent build quality, high speed components, outstanding battery life, powerful software. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is the best notebook Apple has made so far, with a new feature of classic design. The feature of the headline is of course the touch bar – a thin OLED screen at the top of the keyboard can be used for a variety of things. You can automatically enter or present the Touch ID to connect only to fingerprints. The 13-inch screen carries the laptop computer slim and lightly when you travel a lot.

5. Microsoft Surface Pro
Battery life has been greatly improved packageOnly Core i7’s best PenSurface surface pen can challenge A10X
Despite moderate naming conventions, this is the fifth version of Surface Pro. As a result of the award-winning Surface Pro 4, he will deserve a number. This is because the latest Surface Pro not only improved battery life by up to 32%, but also updated the Kaby Lake processor. The surface pen is now sold separately, but it has a pressure level of 4,096. You can switch between tablet mode and laptop mode, it makes it easier to ride with you and runs on Windows 10, so you can access your favorite applications.

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