Best touch screen laptop 2018: The best TouchScene laptop we used for that year

Regardless of whether you like it or not, I can not deny that the touch screen completely changed the laptop scene in 2018. From the touch-sensitive operating system like Windows 10 to the explosion of drawing applications, the reasons for always using the touch screen with the best laptop computer are increasing, the best 2-in-1 notebook has become popular It is.

Every laptop of today seems to be equipped with a touch screen, but not all the same. In most cases, just scrolling through the web pages with your fingers will only adjust the optimal touch screen laptop for accurate use of the digital pen, and there are even some special features.

With that in mind, we have selected the best laptop with touch screen for everyone from digital artists to digital readers. In a new one, you want to join the revolution of the touchscreen, you are in the right place to proceed to the next step.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro
Significantly improved battery life
Microsoft Surface Pro is a bar that is not the ultimate touchscreen. This is not just a 2 in 1 tablet, 2 in 1 notebook, it is also designed around the touch surface and the surface stylus. Regardless of whether you are an artist or a reliable digital slate to take notes, Surface Pro is the best touch screen device on the market.

2. Samsung Chromebook Pro
The Samsung Chromebook Pro has a wonderful touch screen for removable pens and handwritten notes so it can be compared with a very large Samsung Note device. Everything you create with Samsung Chromebook Pro is stored on Google Keep. Your handwriting will be scanned into a text document for ease of searching. Also, if you are considering accessing the Google Play store with the best Android app, it is not difficult to understand why it is one of the best touch screen laptops.

3. HP Specter x 360
Long-lasting battery life with rapid charging Keyboard has strong haptic feedback
HP Specter x 360 creates the perfect balance between tablet and laptop. Like a tablet, she has light thin glasses to consume all kinds of content and is lighter as it lasts longer. Then, as a laptop, it has an incredible battery life spanning you all day and you will not find another laptop with a touch keyboard.

4. Lenovo Yoga 920
If you are looking for a laptop with more screens, there is a 13.9 inch Lenovo Yoga 920. It has as much sensitivity level as Surface Pro, but it is a much larger 4K screen. This sophisticated hybrid computer has added a unique hinge and all-metal structure class.

5. Surface Book 2 (15 inches)
Laptop style true 15 inch tablet
15 inch Surface Book 2 provides the same feel and feel as surface professional, as well as larger screen and hardware. With a quad-core processor and a powerful discrete GPU, you can even respond to the most demanding art projects and even play the best PC games.

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