It is Expected that Over 20 Samsung Devices will Receive the 2019 Android Pie

When you update your smartphone to a new version of Android, Samsung was not fast, but the company has at least one plan. After updating the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 + for Android 9 Pie this week, Samsung has released an update that provides a roadmap for some Samsung devices with One UI Android user interface in 2019. The list shows that there are more than 20 devices to get an update including the Galaxy S8 series, Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy A7.

Update: Samsung launches the 9 Pie update for Android for the Galaxy Note 9 via an OTA update. The update weighs around 1.3 GB and should preferably be downloaded over a Wi-Fi network. The cake update features Samsung’s coveted OneUI interface, which focuses on the ease of use of large-screen devices.

The company confirmed it in the Samsung member app, discovered by SamMobile. The list of devices updated to Android 9 Pies includes smartphones and tablets. Based on the chronology, Samsung will work from top to bottom, first updating the top-of-the-range Android mobile phones and switching to mid-range and low-cost phones. Here are all Samsung devices that will be updated to PIE in 2019.

While the list was talking about the Galaxy S9 duo to get the cake update in January, Samsung accelerated things a bit and launched the update this week. The Galaxy Note 9 is the next update to receive the cake update, and it could happen in February as mentioned before or before, as Samsung had previously promised a January implementation. The last device to get the cake update from the list is the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 in October. Some Galaxy A phones introduced in 2018, such as the Galaxy A8, A8 +, A7 and A9, will receive the cake in April. Meanwhile, Galaxy J’s low-cost phones like Galaxy J4, J4 +, J6 and J6 + will be upgraded to the cake in May.

Samsung will cover its Android Pie Phones with a single UI at the top. It’s a redesigned Samsung skin that features a more minimalist interface, new full-screen gestures and a dark, system-wide design.

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